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Professional House Clearance Services and Rubbish Removal

Our professional house clearance services are a more cost-effective and time-saving solution to the alternative option of hiring a skip. We are fully insured and top tier registered waste carriers offering a wide range of services that are dedicated to serving the local community of residential homeowners and businesses. If you need a full or part house clearance, garage or basement clearance, rubbish removal or commercial clearance such as offices, factories or retail outlets then we are the people to trust. We also have experience in working together with customers in regard to the probate process, and our approach is sympathetic, as we know this can be a sensitive time. If you are a landlord or estate agent and need premises cleared and prepared for a future tenant then this can be arranged and taken care of. Everything we clear, is segregated and dealt with responsibly and ethically, through our network of contacts.

Rubbish Removal or Skip Hire?

We would like to offer you some helpful information about trying to hire a skip. Hiring a skip can often be an expensive waste removal option, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so and also look into other options such as hiring a rubbish removal company like Premium House Clearance of Nottingham. Whilst a skip is dropped off to you and provides a place by which you can dispose of rubbish yourself, many aren’t aware of the skip permit that is potentially needed from your local council beforehand for leaving the skip outside your premises and the price for this luxury are on average around £36.

We offer a range of services to help you manage your waste disposal needs. It’s hard to know how much space a skip will take up and if you need one at all. This can be frustrating when it comes to budgeting and knowing what is best for your home or office! Our friendly team in Nottingham, UK are here to help with advice on the best way to dispose of items like furniture, white goods or any other unwanted item by providing an honest assessment of what sort of clearance service would suit your requirements. Contact us today for more information about our services and rates so that we can discuss the most appropriate solution for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Whilst hiring our house clearance or rubbish removal service a may seem like quite an expensive venture at first glance, you have to take into consideration the cost and labour charge. Hiring our professionals that will do all the heavy lifting, clearance and removals in one day, will save you time and money in the long run with their expertise in disposing of items efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly, and in lots of circumstances, recycled to be used again.


Our Services

House Clearance

Professional house clearances completed to a very high standard. Any property cleared of all items including, furniture, white goods such as fridges, fridge freezer, washing machines and cookers. We clear everything so you don’t have to! We are different to other companies as if you have items that are saleable then they can be offset against your total clearance charges. This is because we can re-sell in our used household goods retail shop. We try to recycle as much as we can, but you can also be assured that if anything does need disposing of then we are fully licensed waste carriers.

Rubbish Removal

We are a professional, affordable and effective rubbish removal service that can make your unwanted rubbish disappear fast and easy. We provide some exceptionally quick services that can be tailored to your requirements, even on the same day if needed. We can come and collect your unwanted rubbish on a day and time that is convenient for you. Our friendly, helpful and approachable staff are always polite and respectful whatever the circumstances. Let us take the strain and remove all your unwanted clutter and rubbish and you will be safe in the knowledge that all your waste will be either recycled, gifted to a charity or disposed of properly through our network, and because you are dealing with a company that is licensed by the Environment Agency’s public register of waste carriers, then you have nothing to worry about where your rubbish is going!

Man With A Van

Are you looking for a trustworthy man-with-a-van service to help with moving your belongings? Do you need a man and van for a day or even half a day to move items around? Would it be handy to have a couple of men move you from A to B without the cost of a large removal service? If so, we can do that for you. Just hire us for as long as you need, call us now if you are a student or tenant that requires a tailored service, based on your actual needs. Just call us now to discuss your exact requirements and we will offer you a solution. We have a variety of different sized vans depending on the number of items that you need moving. We can move your furniture, white goods, bin bags full of clothes, contents of a garage, you name it and I bet we have moved it before. Call now for a fast quote.

House Removal

We offer a customer-oriented full removal service that offers tailored solutions for our customers based on their moving requirements. Our comprehensive services are run by our successful relocation team who are experienced and knowledgeable within the removals and logistics industry. All we require is for you to sit back as we expertly move and re-site your goods to their new destination. If your items are situated in storage then we can safely transport them in or out to the location of your choice. We are your house mover, piano mover, furniture mover, or office mover. We are fully insured so you can rest at ease as we take care of your house move, piano move. Call us now to discuss and we can prepare an estimation for our services.


How Does House Clearance Work?

House clearance is a service that involves clearing all the unwanted goods from either a full property or part of a property. Homeowners and businesses use our house clearance services for many reasons such as they may need to clear a house after a relative or friend has unfortunately passed away, or it could be that customers are relocating and need to place their belongings into

What do you clear

Furniture, including beds, wardrobes, cupboards, white goods such as cookers, fridges, fridge freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, electrical items, general bags of household waste, bedding and clothes. We basically clear everything apart from hazardous materials such as asbestos. If you are not sure about something then please ask beforehand as we are only too happy to help.

House clearance costs

This all depends on the size of the house clearance, we need to assess this by asking a few questions prior to issuing our customers a firm quotation. You may receive many cheap quotes over the telephone but please be wary as these can soon escalate at a later date if it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is the case. We like to look at a house clearance before committing to a job, but we understand this is not always possible. We can estimate over the phone but as long as you are aware this will be an estimation until we can view the premises.

Are you registered waste carriers

Yes, we are fully licensed and registered waste carriers, upper-tier level, and all your household goods and valuable items during transit are insured also. You are welcome to ask for our credentials at any time.

Do you need to visit the property first?

In an ideal situation, it’s always better to view a property beforehand as then we can issue the customer with a firm and transparent quotation. In some circumstances, we know that this isn’t always possible, so we can try to estimate the best we can, but please be aware that the estimation could go up or down depending on the scale of the clearance.

Do I need to be at the property when it is being cleared?

It is not necessary for you to be at the property while the clearance is in progress, we have carried many house clearances out before without our customers present, if you live locally to the house that needs clearing, then it’s possible to meet you at the premises and then contact you when the job in hand is finished. We also don’t mind picking up the keys from a solicitor, agent or landlord prior to the clearance. Another option is to send the keys to our office by some means of recorded delivery and we can send them back to you on completion with photographic evidence by emailing you images if you cannot attend the premises personally. We are always happy to offer a solution.

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